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Inn Reserve - providing the Hospitality sector with a first class Reservation service. We offer complete toll free (800) reservation capabilities, customer service and brochure mailing for hotels that want a USA based presence. Your customers will believe that the service they are getting is coming directly from your hotel. Your own dedicated "800" number will be professionally answered (with your hotel’s name) efficiently, courteously and immediately. Our "No Cross-Selling Policy" ensures that your "800" number, email and on-line reservations will promote your property exclusively!

Customer Service

Inn Reserve will provide your clients with the ultimate customer service. Our service is available to your customers 24 hours, 7 days a week. We will respond to all inquiries that are by phone, letter or computer generated in the most effective, courteous and responsive manner. Our goal is to keep your customers happy and returning to your hotel, thereby, maintaining customer complaints to a minimum. If there should be any dissatisfaction, we will personally hand-hold each of your customers until we find a trouble-free solution.

Phone Services

Inn Reserve clients own their "800" numbers and therefore, retain the control of their reservation lines. We will maintain continuous contact with a representative of your long distance carrier to assure a constant high level of service.

Market analysis

Inn Reserve receives monthly marketing reports from your long distance carrier. These reports include analysis of calls by originating state; by length of call; by average length of call; and by total calls per month. These reports will assist you in your marketing strategies by showing where your strongest and weakest markets lie.

Toll Free Numbers

We will assist you in securing a new toll-free number or numbers for your business if you do not already have one. If you have an existing toll-free number, we will assist you in redirecting that number to our office. All Local and long distance charges will be billed to you on a monthly basis. By being in continued contact with the representative of your long distance carrier, Inn Reserve will ensure that you are paying the best rate possible for your service. Toll free charges are significantly lower (sometimes as much as half) than what your hotel pays for the same service in your country.

Booking Services

Inn Reserve computer system can interface with your system to enter your client’s reservations directly avoiding duplication errors. Whether received through your toll free line, fax or e-mail, your customers’ reservations will receive immediate confirmation.

Reservation Data Management

If your hotel does not have a computerized reservations system, Inn Reserve can manage your occupancy for you. We will make the reservations and report them to you. Reservations will be made directly with individuals, groups, travel agents and wholesalers according to your policies. Your Inn Reserve reservation agent will be specially trained in your reservations system and your property to ensure that they are knowledgeable about your hotel and the surrounding area.

Customer Payments

Your customer’s form of payment will be added directly into their reservation. In the case of credit cards, you will process the credit card and receive the money directly. Checks and money orders will be made payable directly to your hotel. Since Inn Reserve will not be collecting payments, there will be no waiting period for your money.

Brochure Services

The key to providing you with a “hands on” brochure service is immediate turn around. Whether the request of the customer comes by phone, letter or on-line, your hotel information is vital and therefore your brochures and requested information will be sent out immediately. Once again, the key to responding to your clients is this immediate turn-around, and thus, a probable new customer has been established. Database: A database is one of the best marketing tools we can provide for you. From our mailing information, we will create a database that can be utilized time and again to adjust your marketing strategies.

Your hotel, Inn or villa, will need to supply Inn Reserve with brochures, price lists, stationery and envelopes, having them available in quantities for us to use fulfilling brochure requests from direct clients and travel agents. Large quantities may be needed to ship on your behalf to wholesalers and trade show locations. Inn Reserve will also handle mass mailings as part of your marketing plan when needed at an additional surcharge. All postage, shipping and packaging charges will be billed monthly, based on your hotel’s usage. Postage within the US costs drastically less than mailing from your foreign location.

Optional Services

Inn Reserve will be happy to discuss optional service with you such as: Web Site Maintenance- We can keep your web site up-to-date by:

- Changing prices

- Adding specials

- Updating photos

Trade Shows

Are you unable to attend a US Trade Show? An Inn Reserve representative will be happy to appear on your behalf often with the cost advantages associated with co-marketing efforts with other clients.


The cost of Inn Reserve’s services depends largely on what your needs are, as well as the size of your hotel and the volume of business it does. Included as part of that cost, you can expect the following:

A) Telephone - For one phone line with “all-in-one” service and toll free (from US and Canada) you can expect to pay:

         Local line: US$90- $110 monthly

        Lost Distance: based upon your total usage at US$0.07 cents per minute

As each hotel is different, so are their telephone needs. Inn Reserve will analyze your needs and secure the best rate to suit these needs.

B) Mailings – The cost of brochure postage will depend on the weight of your brochure. The minimum postage for a small brochure or a 2 page letter is 52 cents per piece. Inn Reserve will bill your hotel monthly.


With over 60 years in the Hospitality and Tourism Industries, our vast experience, knowledge and customer service is what we have to offer you. We pride ourselves in giving you a “first class” reservations service that will bring your clients back again and again. 

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