The Inn Balance Group

  The Inn Balance Management Team

Peggy Azore, CB - Managing Member & HR

Peggy has twenty five years experience in the Accounting profession. With eighteenteen years at the Financial Controller level of hotels and three years in the Audit and Trust Company sector, her broad exposure equips her to lead the delivery of service to the clientele of Inn Balance, LLC and its various Divisions..
Chris Pixley, Licensed Real Estate Agent - Member- Marketing & Communications   

Chris has a diversified range of experience including military service. He has been involved in Sales & Marketing of Hotels, Licensed Real Estate sales and property management, Publishing, Advertising, Information Technology, Hotel Systems, Purchasing Management and PM systems and product development.

Claire P. Hayle, FCCA, CA - Member - Audit & Financial Consulting

Claire is fully qualified and certified to carry out Audits and Investigations, Management Consulting and all Accounting services. Based in Jamaica, she provides professional services to a wide client base throughout the region as well as represented her professional Institute (ICAJ) as President.

  Pier Parkin - MBA, BA,  - Member- Information Technology

Pier has built and administered many networks across all sectors of the economy. A specialist in Internet based applications and communication technology, Pier has designed or adopted cutting edge solutions to satisfy client needs.